Indonesia's finest harpist who has performed with various orchestras in Europe and Indonesia, toured the European countries with Zoltan Kodaly World Youth Orchestra, and toured China with the Symphonia Vienna Orchestra. In addition to being the first male harpist, Rama also became the first Indonesian harpist who performed solo with a number of renowned orchestras such as the Twilite Orchestra, Jakarta Chamber Orchestra, Capella Amadeus String Chamber Orchestra from Indonesia, and the Symphonia Vienna Orchestra, Joseph Haydn Konzertverein in Vienna. He has also performed for more than 30 times as soloist orchestra (Ginastera Concerto, Debussy Danses, Mozart Concerto, Handel Concerto, Dittersdorf Concerto, Vivaldi Concerto, Malecjki Concertino, Saint Saens Morceau de Concert, Singgih Sanjaya's World Premier, Hari Poerwanto's World Premier, Grandjany Aria), 5 opera productions, and other regular concerts such as solo recital and chamber music starting from the year 2005.

Rama started to learn to play harp in 2004 with the guidance from Julia Reth at the Vienna Conservatory Austria, classical vocal with Robert Fontane, and graduated with exceptional grades in 2010 which is equivalent to a Master Degree. At the same time, Rama also took Musik Pädagogik (Music Education) classes with orchestral conducting as minor guided by Lazlo Gereb which he completed in 2012. He also has joined Masterclass with renowned harpists e.g. Jana Bouskova (Czechs Republic), Marie Claire Jamet (France), Prof. Susann McDonald (USA), Elzbieta Smith (Poland), Erika Wardenburg (Netherland).

In 2007, Rama became the first Indonesian to perform in Vienna Jazz Festival and in solo concert in Arkadenhof Rathaus, Vienna. He is also the Principal Harp in Symphonia Vienna Orchestra since 2010. As a multi-instrumentalist in performance and education, Rama intends to develop his country, Indonesia, by teaching and educating young people to think ahead like Europeans do in classical music. In 2006 he received an award from the Indonesian Ambassador to Austria Vienna for successfully introducing Indonesian traditional through the harp; in 2009 he was a finalist in the International Competition in Munich, Germany; in 2010 he was a finalist of Soloist Competition in UK; in 2011 he got the 4th prize in the Music Competition in Padova, Italy; in 2012 he was selected as the ambassador for the Dutch Harp Competition 2012 representing Indonesia / Austria.

In the year 2012, Rama performed in an Opera gala with Kammer Oper Vienna in Baden, and last November Rama was chosen as a contestant in the most prestigious harp competitions in the world that also made him the first Indonesian to pass the selection for the past 50 years of the international harp competition being held. Rama represented Indonesia at the 18th International Harp Contest in Israel - there were 33 other participants representing more than 17 countries of the world. End of 2012, Rama spent his time with Symphonia Vienna that were touring across China, where they performed at various prestigious Concert Halls such as Tianjin Grand Theater, Tianjin Concert Hall, Shanghai Grand Theater, Guangzhou Opera House, The Forbidden City Concert Hall, and others.

Rama appointed as a harp and chamber music lecturer at The Mahidol University and joined Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra from 2013-2014.


    1. Concerto in B for harp and strings orchestra, G. F. Handel
    2. Concerto in C for flute, harp, and orchestra, W. A. Mozart
    3. Concerto in A for harp and orchestra, C. Von Ditersdorf
    4. Concerto in D for Lute and strings orchestra, A. Vivaldi
    5. Morceau de Concert, C. Saint-Saens
    6. Introduction et Allegro, M. Ravel
    7. Harp Concerto op. 25, A. Ginastera
    8. Concertino in Old Style for 2 Harps and strings orchestra, M. Malecjki
    9. Nusantara Variations for 2 Harps and orchestra, H. Poerwanto*
    10. Song of My Country for harp and orchestra, S. Sanjaya**
      * World Premier with Julia Reth & Cikini Symphony Orchestra
      ** World Premier with Symphonia Vienna Orchestra
    11. Danses for Harp and Strings Orchestra, Claude Debussy
    12. On Willows and Birches, John Williams
    13. Aria in Classic Style for harp and strings orchestra, Marcel Grandjany

  2. OPERA

    1. Cavalleria Rusticana, P. Mascagni
    2. L’Elisir D’Amore, G. Donizzeti
    3. Drei Mäderlhaus, F. Schubert
    4. The Turn of The Screw, B. Britten
    5. Gianni Schicci, G.Pucini

    1. * Voice/Choir and Harp

    2. 4 Choruses for female voices, harp, and 2 horns, J. Brahms
    3. Ceremony of Carol, B. Britten
    4. Oratorio de Noel, C. Saint-Saens
    5. Requiem, G. Faure
    6. Angels’ Carol, John Ruter
    7. I saw a tree ships, John Rutter
    8. Canticle V, B. Britten

      * Flute and Harp

    1. Gymnopedie No. 1- 3, E. Satie
    2. Gnossiene No. 1 – 6, E. Satie
    3. Allegue, B. Andres
    4. Prelude in C, J. S. Bach
    5. Sonata for harp, flute, and viola, C. Debussy

      * Harp and Harp

    1. Cambria, J. Thomas
    2. Song in The Night, C. Salzedo
    3. Tango, C. Salzedo
    4. Claire de Lune, C. Debussy
    5. Prelude to Final Fantasy, N. Oematsu
    6. Meditation, J. Masanet
    7. Trois Gymnopedie, E. Satie


    1. Absidioles, B. Andres
    2. Fantasie, L. Spohr
    3. Fantasy, Avni
    4. Une Chatelaine en sa tour, G. Faure
    5. Prelude, S. Prokovief
    6. Prelude pour Harpe, A. Jolivet
    7. Des pas sur la neige, C. Debussy
    8. Des pas sur la neige, C. Debussy
    9. La fille aux cheveux de lin, C. Debussy
    10. Etude de Concert „Au Matin“, M. Tournier
    11. Etude de Concert, F. Godefroid
    12. Adieu to His Native Land, J. Thomas
    13. Fire Dance, D. Watkins
    14. Red Backed Spider, P. Patterson
    15. Tarantula, P. Patterson
    16. Mosquito Massacre, P. Patterson
    17. La Source, A. Hasselman
    18. Legende, H. Renie
    19. Rhapsody, M. Grandjany
    20. Variations in Ancient Style, C. Salzedo
    21. Impromptu, L. van Delden
    22. Twilite, T. Kamal
    23. Forgotten Lore, H. Alkema
    24. Duke, B. Andres
    25. Konzert Etude No. 2, 6, 7, W. Posse
    26. Passacaglia,  G. F. Händel
    27. Theme and Variations, G. F. Händel
    28. Serenade Melancoliqe, A. Hasselman
    29. Song in The Night, C. Salzedo
    30. Variations on a theme of Mozart, M. Glinka
    31. Liber Tango, A. Piazzola
    32. Sonata in D, J. Parry
    33. 7 Sonata, F. Nadermann
    34. Sonata in g moll, Largo, D. Scarlatti
    35. Sonata in a moll, Allegro, D. Scarlatti
    36. Sonata in c minor, G. Pescetti
    37. Harp Sonata, Paul Hindemith
    38. Sonata in G, C. P. E. Bach
    39. Sonata per arpa, G. B. Viotti
    40. Flight Etude, C. Salzedo
    41. Mirage Etude, C. Salzedo
    42. Etude No. 1, 3, 5, Bach-Grandjany

    1. Tandok Kadadingku, Toraja
    2. Kicir-kicir, Jakarta
    3. Ammac Ciang, Sulawesi Selatan
    4. Anju Ahu, Tapanuli
    5. Dewa Ayu, Bali
    6. Kupu Kuning, Jawa Tengah
    7. O Inani Keke, Sulawesi Utara
    8. Tumpi Wayu, Kalimantan Tengah
    9. Nenun, Sunda
    10. Naluya, Kalimantan Tengah
    11. Malaté Poté, Madura
    12. Geleng, Sunda
    13. Apuse, Irian Jaya
    14. Bungong Jeumpa, Aceh
    15. Lagu Manju, Lampung
    16. Marodor Ma Partiga, Batak Simalungun
    17. Pantun Jenaka, Sumatra Barat
    18. Pinang Muda, Sumatra Timur
    19. Roti Manis, Batak Karo
    20. Piso Surit, Batak Karo
    21. Kato Rang Sisuak,Sumatra Barat
    22. Hujan Laruik, Minangkabau
    23. Gending Sriwijaya, Palembang
    24. Di Babah Pinto, Aceh
    25. Tari Tanggai, Sumatra Selatan
    26. Pusako Jomamn, Sumatra Timur
Lihatlah lebih dekat
Seperti yang kita tau bahwa harpa adalah sebuah instrument musik yg tidak hanya indah bentuknya tapi juga indah suaranya digolongkan sebagai salah s

As multi-instrumentalist in performance and education, Rama intends to develop his country, Indonesia, by teaching and educating young people to think ahead like Europeans do in classical music



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